Facial Treatments

The Best Organic Facial Treatments in Melbourne

Based in urban Melbourne, and only a short distance from Toorak, Malvern and Camberwell, our spa specialises in organic facial treatments.

Our organic facial treatments are customised to suit your individual skin needs.We use award winning Eminence organic skincare products that contain only the healthiest ingredients, without any harmful chemicals or additives. 

Natural ingredients are potent, and give beautiful lasting results for a clear, balanced, revitalised, and naturally glowing complexion. Our skin therapists are qualified and experts in their field and can discuss with you any skin concerns you have before your treatment commences. We want you to be comfortable and relaxed during your organic facial, so we will tailor our treatment to what your skin requires for the best results possible.

How our organic facials work

Our  facials address a variety of skin concerns such as the appearance of aging, wrinkles and blemishes, loss of vitality, tone and radiance. The answers come from nature with ingredients that are good enough to eat. Let the aromas caress your senses and the ingredients impart a healthy glow of beauty to your skin. 

Our therapist will help you choose the products that suit your skin type, whether your skin is dry, normal, and combination, sensitive or oily. Our therapists can also recommend how to use specialised Eminence homecare products to address specfic skin concerns such as lack of firmness, breakouts or severe dryness.

Make a facial appointment

If you want to experience the pleasure of renewed and rejuvenated skin, then book an organic facial with our talented therapists today. We are knowledgeable in the latest facial treatments and services and will always aim to give you the results you are looking for.

To make an appointment, you can book online, call 0418 857 141 or email beauty@sacredfigspa.com.au.

Skin Health Consult $60.00

An in depth holistic consult with a qualified skin therapist on how to achieve optimum health to help create glowing healthy skin. If you need assistance with the correct products to use on your skin at home, or you are interested in switching to organic skincare or you have specific skin concerns you wish to address we can structure a treatment and skincare plan personally for you. 

 Organic Stop &  Relax 30 min $90.00

Customised to your skin type for when you just need a quick refresh

Treatment includes: Skin consult, warm towels, double cleanse, exfoliation, masque, hand and arm massage, serums + concentrates, hydration & SPF. 

Customised Deluxe Organic Facial 60 minutes

All 1 hour facial treatments include: Sacred Fig signature foot compress and relaxation ritual, skin consult, warm towels,double cleanse,steam,exfoliation/peel,treatment,masque,scalp massage, hand & arm massage,face neck & shoulder massage, concentrate/oils, hydration & SPF, skin prescription. 

Choose from:


Acne Treatment including Salycylic Peel  60 min $130.00
The Eminence Acne Advanced Treatment System utilizes natural and botanical ingredients to deliver a proven organic solution to treat and prevent acne. This treatment will Clarify, calm, balance, remove blockages from pores, reduce redness and scarring. Encapsulated Salicylic Acid delivers time-release protection against acne breakouts by encouraging exfoliation and unclogging pores.

+ LED $40

For optimum results and depending on the individual condition of your skin our skin therapists may suggest a series of treatments over 6-12 months, paired with a home skin care regime. 

Berry Refined Glow Peel

Age Corrective including peel 60 min $130.00

To help correct the appearance of aging using powerful ingredients formulated to create an ageless look. Products that increase collagen, lift, firm, hydrate and plump the skin will be used. Natural retinol alternatives and swiss green apple stem cell technology repairs the skin, leaving your skin nourished, refresh and invigorated. 

Brightening + Bright Skin including peel 60 min $130.00

Just the facial to address dark spots, freckles, scarring or uneven skin tone. Awaken the skin’s natural inner beauty using exquisite blend of arctic berries, lingonberry seed oil and hibiscus seed extract

Sensitive/Rosacea 60 min $130.00
For those who are suffering from environmental, genetic sensitivity or rosacea. This often shows on the skin as an inflammation and reddening on the nose, forehead, cheekbone or chin. Inflamed capillaries on the skin’s surface give the complexion a red, blotchy or bumpy appearance. Using our organic products which are designed to help calm the skin will help to clear irritations and control redness. 

Young Skin 60 min $130.00
A great introduction to organic skin care that is specifically designed for young skin. We will also teach a basic program of cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising and perhaps a weekly masque to instill the good habit of caring for young skin.

Male Maintenance Facial 60 min $130.00

Tailored to suit every gentleman. Starting with a refreshing salt back exfoliation before enjoying a deep cleanse and exfoliating facial to balance the skins natural oils.

Hydrabrasion  60 min $150.00 add on enhancing peel $30

Hydrabrasion is a microdermabrasion system that exfoliates with both a dry and wet system. This treatment will deeply exfoliate while washing and vacuming your skin at the same time, clear blocked pores, blackheads, congestion and blemishes. Our deepest cleansing facial, assisting in removing tired skin cells improving skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with a fresh,bright and luminous complexion.


Crystal Roller and Gua Sha Lymphatic Drainage 90 min $230.00
Begin with a relaxing foot soak ritual, this deluxe facial combines customised organic products with unique facial massage techniques that will help increase blood circulation, reduce puffiness, promote Lymphatic drainage and improve product absorption. Simply bliss!

Ayurvedic Kansa Wand Natural Facelift 90 min $230.00

Begin with a relaxing foot soak ritual, this Age-Defying facial is rooted in a Ayurvedic healing traditions that are designed to awaken the skin’s natural healing energies. This ultimate ageing solution will transform your skin. Intensely hydrating and nourishing will help with firmness and elasticity and restore a youthful glow.9

LED Light Therapy Facial 30 min $75 add onto any other facial $40

Led therapy is based on the concept that our skin cells are able to absorb and be influenced by light. This treatment is scientifically recognised for its regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties.

LED Red light reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases collagen and elastin production, improves complexion texture and tone, increase natural hydration, stimulates circulation & lymphatic system & restores radiance.

LED Blue light helps acne prone skin, prevents breakouts, balances oil production, improves skin elasticity, calms eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. 

Near Infrared light triggers the skins anti-inflammatory processes to accelerate repair and reduce irritation and redness. Reduces pigmentation, scar reduction and prevention, relieves pain and inflammation, treats rosacea, relieves redness and irritation and promotes healthy skin. 


Eye Treatment $25.00 Gently but effectively treats and minimizes fine lines, wrinkles, milia, crow’s feet, puffiness, lack of skin tone, and dark circles. Best results are seen with a series of treatments over 3–4 weeks, best results combined with a home-use routine.

Lip Treatment $25.00 This treatment is completely petroleum and paraben-free. Petroleum is a gasoline derived chemical that appears in most lip products and can create a dependency that actually dries the lips over time. The rich Shea Butter content of Éminence lip treatments will heal the lips and help break the drying cycle of petroleum-based lip products

Scalp & Hair Treatment (leave in) $25.00 This Organic treatment is an intensive treatment used to reconstruct, nourish & restore hair structure. With the added benefits of Certified Organic herbal extracts and essential oils sourced from the highest quality Australian farmers, it is perfect for healing hair affected by chemical processing and colour treatments. Combed through and massaged into the hair, this treatment will be left in and you can simply wash it out at home.

Extractions $30.00 If one of your main concerns is blackheads and congestion extractions might be for you, add on extractions to allow for additonal time in your facial for your therapist to perform these. After the skin is softened with steam and exfoliation an expert therapist can perform extractions on those unwanted blackheads and clogged pores. 



To make an appointment for one of our treatments, you can book online, call 0418 857 141 or email beauty@sacredfigspa.com.au. You can also purchase gift vouchers to spoil friends or family.